“We not only create good jobs but also realize mental and
material happiness for all members through solid competitiveness.”


The enterprise is a means of realizing the moral and physical happiness of members; the stability of job determines the quality of life. We create good jobs to contribute to the national economy, share our profits with socially weak persons, and enhance national competitiveness. Toward this end, we find competitive niche markets within the global market and ensure sustainable global competitiveness through continuous technological development and service innovation.


Strategic Management

We shall be the globally strong, no. 1 small company by finding competitive niche markets in the global medical instruments market and through continuous technological development and service innovation.

Innovative Management

We develop new technology for humans by pursuing the turnover of ideas with active inquisitiveness and mind that is open to phenomena.

Talent Management

Humans and system make up the core competitiveness of a company We foster men of ability who can deliver performance based on devotion and passion for work.

Righteous Management

We are very transparent in terms of managerial activities and performance distribution: we enhance our intrinsic value as a company to grow Anything acquired without sweat is a lie. We work with sweat and get only what we have worked for accordingly.

Shareable Management

Enterprise is a community that shares bread and dreams. We establish a company culture of living together based on mutual respect to earn credibility among customers and take care of the socially weak ones without prejudice.