The EzRay, VATECH’s intra-oral X-ray imaging system, creates a more sophisticated clinical atmosphere.

Secure Clear Image

With a 0.4mm focal spot, the EzRay provides you with a much higher resolution image for more exact diagnosis. Whether it’s film or a digital sensor, you can always acquire the best image information with the smallest focal spot technology.

Reliable Design for Easy & Stable Use

The ergonomically designed X-ray tube head can be positioned at any anatomical imaging position. In addition, the strong and stable arm produces distortion-free images and allows simple positioning.

Sophisticated Design

Creates a modern and comfortable atmosphere in your clinic

Brings relief to patients by reducing anxiety and fear of discomfort.


Easy & Efficient Functionality

Intuitive & easy to use the operating panel
Straightforward process for image capture with intuitive Icons.

Focal Spot 0.4 mm
Tube Voltage Selectable 60 ~ 70 kVp
Current 4 ~ 7 mA
ExposureTime Selectable 0.04 ~ 2.0 sec
Arm Length (Option) 1585, 1735, 2035 mm (62”, 68”, 80”) *See note 3
Line Voltage 100 ~ 230 V ±10%
Accessories Exposure hand switch

Cone : Round 20cm (8”), 16” Double Stud Wall Bracket

Option (Cone) Round 30cm (12”), Rectangular 20cm / 30cm (8” / 12”)
The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.