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  • How to recover captured image that was not saved?

    Please note the following procedure applies to All Pax-i, Paxi3D, Paxi3D Green , Smart3D  units and some other  P1 Equipped units that use "NCSW" (New Capture Soft Ware) as show below in the screen shots.The procedure for re-saving for all modalities; Pano, Ceph, CT are all basically the same except the mode we pick, also if you...

  • My Xray machine will not turn or power on.

    The most common mistake is the emergency stop switch, locate the emergency stop switch located typically under the "Handle frame" this is the part of the arm that sticks out for patient to hold onto and supports the chin rest.Rotate the switch in the direction indicated by the arrows; if engaged typically it will be lite up 'red' ...

  • Washed out Panoramic or Poor quality Panoramic images

    2D Acquisition of Panoramic images that produce inferior quality, washed out image; overlapping; ghosting or other various image quality issues are 95% the result  of User error during positioning of the patient and/or movement of the patient post-patient positioning.Typically most image quality issues can be corrected by taking the necessary ...

  • Pano Images are chopped into many parts when saving to Dexis Imaging via Twain

    Dexis support multiple capture types; Intraoral as well as Ceph/Pano. Some cases if calling the scanner /Twain function of dexis from the I/O section (Noted in the software by a tooth icon) and separated by 1 to 4 lines the image will often time result as being chopped up into I/O sized images.To avoid this issue; the icon resembling the upper huma...

  • Which TMJ image should I take first?

    When taking an image for TMJ issues when you select the open TMJ option you will then be prompted to take the closed TMJ option. If you take the closed TMJ option first, you will not be prompted to take the open TMJ shot.

  • I have a Pax-i Series unit, how do I capture bitewing images?

    The bite wing option can be found by selecting “Orthogonal” once this option is selected then you can select what bite wing region you would like to capture. Whether it is right, left, front, or both sides! Our NCSW can do that for you!