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  • How to recover or reconstruct CT image

    Please note the following procedure applies to All Pax-i, Paxi3D, Paxi3D Green , Smart3D  units and some other  P1 Equipped units that use "NCSW" (New Capture Soft Ware) as show below in the screen shots.Previous Legacy and Class B units are not equipped with this function. Opening Patient Chart & Launching Capture prog...

  • Pax-i Series (All 3D Units) - How to position Daily QA Phantom

    Download and install EzEval Tool & Manual. EzEval software will self-guide you through each step by clicking 'Next' to insure the platters are loaded properly.Download the EzEval Tool and Manuals  Following the installation manual. Use this guide as a reference in conjunction with the downloaded guide for checking. Extract the...

  • What are the Power Requirements for Vatech X-Ray systems?

    Vatech’s manufacturer requirement is that all pre-installation site checks must be done prior to any Vatech device installs, during any anual inspection or troublehsooting/repair to ensure proper power requirements are met and maintained.  The following is a brief overview of the power requirements that MUST be checked and resolved prior...

  • What PC should I use to replace my Capture PC?

    Vatech America recommends that you consult with an IT professional to determine your exact needs. The PC that came new with the equiptment 'As delivered by Manufacture' is the PC that you need but sometimes clinics like to upgrade. Verify Windows CompatibilityFirst you need to verify that if your replacement PC is coming with Windows 1...

  • Where Can I find Scatter and Regulatory reports?

    Regulatory documents can be found by choosing the product name below that matches your unit.       The following types of documents can be found are: X-Ray Dose & DAP Reports Scatter report & Leakage Reports Accaptance reports by model. Pax-i SeriesPax-i Paxi-3D Pax-i InsightPax-i3D SmartPax-i3D Smart RCPax-i3D...

  • Preventive Maintenance & Regulatory Requirement Schedule

    Vatech Recommends your dealer technician access the following link to download the general PM schedule. Preventive Maintenance Schedule.PDF