Windows 10 compatibility

Written on June 2nd, 2016

Dear Valued Partner,

We are excited to announce that all current Vatech devices and software are compatible with the Windows 10 operating system. It has been verified that Vatech devices are fully operational under the Windows 10 environment.

These specific devices listed below are cleared to support Windows 10.

Category Devices/Softwares
2D PaX-i, PaX-iSC, PaX-iOP
3D PaX-i3D, PaX-i3D Green, i3D Smart
I/O Sensor EzSensor Classic, EzSensor Premium
Software EzDent-i, Ez3D Plus

Regarding other devices, please note that the following legacy devices and software may not support Windows 10. If you have one of these devices listed below, we advise you not to upgrade your PCs to Windows 10. Software operation errors may take place. Please continue to use the current operations system (Windows 7 or lower).

Category Devices/Softwares
2D PaX-Uni, PaX-Flex, PaX-Primo, PaX-500
3D PaX-Duo3D, PaX-Reve3D, Master3D, PaX-Uni3D, PaX-Flex3D
Software EzDent4, EzImplant

Please refer any questions you may have regarding these changes to the sales directors or marketing department at 201-210-5028. We always appreciate your support.


Vatech America

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