Ez3D-i: How to choose CD/DVD to burn CD Viewer based on size

Written on Jul 9, 2019

Vatech america recommends that standard DVD -R should be used as a vast majority of the exports with the 3D Viewer exceed the 700MB limit to burn to a CD. Vatech's recommendation is to purchase & utilize DVD’s that have a capacity of 4.7GB that will allow all sizes FOV's to burn equally with out error or having to change between CD-R or DVD-R. 

If exporting DICOM’s ONLY’s, then a majority of the exports can be burned to CD’s, however, for simplicity purposes it is encouraged to use DVD’s for all exports whether intending to export with a 3D Viewer.

For office that would rather choose between CD-R or DVD-R soley on size please see the attached CBCT Export - FOV File Size chart

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